Personal Website 2019 [WIP 001]: In the Wild

Hello, you’re probably wondering what this trainwreck*** is.

Well, my friends, this is my brand new personal website ✨live✨in✨progress✨. I've always had a curiosity for code and tinker with it in order to build my side projects. I have also stumbled across some free time so in between skating, sleeping, Netflixing and napping, I've decided to learn some long overdue things.

Currently, this is the most up to date version of my new personal website. I’m pretty much building it out in the open as I learn the things to make it. It’s kind of like a “f*ck you” to the countless times of the past where I’ve been too afraid to show something until it was absolutely perfect. There’ll be no more of that. No, no, no. Why shouldn’t you see this messy and chaotic side of the process?!

Learn more about what I'm, errr, learning about here.

Ok, thx.

***(I happen to think it's beautiful).

Photo credit: Jeremy Galliani via Unsplash


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