Sean Quinn

Ravinia Poster 2019

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I’m sure most of you have noticed the uptick in creative work I’ve been putting out lately. It’s been a sort of healing process for me—remembering and reclaiming that being an “art kid” is really the most core piece of my identity. At some point I sort of woke up and realized I’d partially forgotten that. I’d say the bulk of that “rememberence” began back in November after I finished Inktober. I was looking to keep the momentum going and was tipped off about a poster design contest by a family friend for a festival and concert venue outside Chicago called @raviniafestival. They’ve held a poster design contest to promote each summer season for over 40 years. Really pumped to finally be able to reveal that my design was chosen. It was inspired by a night when my family and I heard the Chicago symphony orchestra play the soundtrack to the LOTR The Fellowship of the Ring live while they played the movie outside on projection screens. It made one of my all time favorite movies even more magical and I wanted to capture that with my poster. Digitally painted in photoshop—really pumped how it turned out. Thank you Ravinia!

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