Ivan Kukovec

Brain Works

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BrainWorks is an AI technology company that applies the latest discoveries in neuroscience to build the most trustworthy machine learning platform to solve global challenges. In the not too distant future, digital nurses will care for patients, transportation in smart cities will be fully autonomous and machines will be emotionally intelligent. BrainWorks is developing the technology to make all this possible.

For this concept to take root, a brilliant logo is a prerequisite; something that can perfectly embody a brand’s values in a simple image. This challenged me of creating something that continues to speak volumes about a brand, regardless of the device used for accessing it.

The logo had to own up to the reputation of the brand. In consequence of that, this logo was designed. The logomark can be used on its own on smaller resolutions without losing its recognizability - this is becoming a big factor for today’s market. The logo can stand alone to let users concentrate more fully on the experience and content.

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