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Thursday Archives - Bookstore 404 page !

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A 404 message has to be a blank screen? For us it was a blank page; a chance to be creative. We designed this one for a website in 2014. 5 years later we still think it looks pretty cool.

PS. In the meantime our "Native English Man" made some amendments to the page copy -Small point, but you know the English on these pages is not the very best, right?

A long time ago; long ago, so long ago that no one can remember. Beyond the memory of rocks and trees. A time, in fact, when there were yet no people or rocks or trees. No memories. And no internet. An old alien king said:
“The meaning of life is…”

We are really sorry. We hate it too. Somebody just tore this page out. If you are looking for the meaning of life, or are curious about aliens other mysteries, please go back to our homepage or see if search gives the answers you are looking for."

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