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MithrilX is a part of Ironchain Capital. We believe that we can give more value to a product if we not only design a brand identity, but also apply it correctly to a marketing page design, illustration style, and implement all these assets successfully by developing the front-end (to make sure it looks how we designed). Fortunately, MithrilX was one of these projects.

You can read more about our collaboration here on BÄ“hance.

Answering your potential questions:

1) We use Sketch app for web pages and interface design, AfterEffects for preparing animations. And then we hand them off to our front-end developers (sometimes we use Bodymovin plugin to export JSON).

2) We draw most of the illustrations in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop if we work on desktop and Procreate, Affinity Designer or Adobe Draw on tablet.

3) Yes, the pen and plant are just to balance the composition 😉



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