Hi people,

This is one of many landing pages we did for InterCapital, a leading Investment Bank in Croatia. The idea behind this one-page lander was to give you a quick overview of their company and offering. Was supposed to serve as a placeholder until we launch the website.

Who is InterCapital?
Since its establishment in 2001., InterCapital has strived towards becoming the leader in securities and investment management and investment banking services in the Republic of Croatia.

How do we fit the picture?
In late 2016. InterCaptial reached out to us in need of a new design language and website for their Asset Management department.

Since then we have an ongoing partnership with InterCapital. Our goal is to help them achieve a stronger presence on the digital market with a refined new visual language, branding, websites and marketing materials for all their departments and marketing efforts.

Thanks to @Charlie Isslander for his creative direction and to @MarinoSamanic for his development work.

All the best,

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