Tracking attempt notifications

Here are some of the new "Tracking Attempt Detected!" desktop notification designs that made into production.

The objectives were set as follows:

• Demonstrate the problem the product is intend to rectify for the user
• Give the user a sense of urgency in finding a resolution to the online tracking problem
• Correlate tracking attempts with the users behavior
• Make online tracking less ambiguous. Specify and measure the threat.
• Present the user a simple action to take to solve the problem

In pursuit of these objectives, the redesigned notification must meet these requirements:

• Include TrackOFF branding
• Contain a headline, generally describing the tracking treat the user has encountered
• Include a specific URL for either the Parent or Child URL of the tracking script encountered
• Include a risk assessment status
• Be dynamic, based on assessed risk (colors, copy, general emotional impact of the design)
• Included a CTA which represents relief from the threat illustrated. Should lead directly to purchase (or protection configuration if licensed)

We're going to test up to 9 different visual options over the next few months to determine the best-performing layout and messaging.

Posted on Feb 5, 2019

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