Chris Cerrato

Book of Faces

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Book of Faces editorial art editorial adobe illustrator design binary code i ching ying yang social media facebook art illustration

One more stained glass piece for the series I've been working on. I'm calling this one "Book of Faces."

The star of this one is the "Like" button, but I also took inspiration from the ancient Chinese divination text, I Ching (Book of Changes). The book’s concept of two elements (light/dark, yang/yin) creating the fabric our reality was the basis for the binary code (1s and 0s) that's used to power modern computers. The code I've included here (01100110) is for the lowercase "f", or Facebook's logo. 🤓

Knowing all of that, I wanted the viewer to consider a few things while looking at this piece: the nature of reality in the digital age, the fact that we ourselves have become 1s and 0s via our offerings of likes/dislikes on social media, data that can then be sold directly or indirectly to both good and bad organizations (see: Cambridge Analytica), thus raising questions about the nature of freedom in this new modern age. And yet it all comes back to how everything is always a double-edged sword — the good and the bad are linked, coexisting with another.

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