Illustrations for a Video Hosting & Marketing Platform

Happy Monday!

Here is one more illustration I created here at Zajno for Vidello, a video hosting and software built for marketing & eLearning to enhance websites conversions and help customers to learn better. The illustration is visualizing one of Vidello’s video apps called Interactive Polls App that allows gaining valuable insights from viewers. Find the live version of the illustration on Vidello Video Apps page.

Vidello decided to rebrand their website to mainly focus on people who run membership training sites, as well as targeting people who use video on their landing pages and sales funnels and want powerful marketing tools and secure hosting. Our task was to come up with fresh, warm and friendly human-centered illustrations.

The general concept was making the website look less corporate and more hipster largely by means of smart illustrations. Going off of this idea, we focused on creating expressive characters: nice, friendly and casual-looking folks that Vidello’s customers could easily relate to. We chose to use a pretty whimsical color palette giving preference to bright and bold colors. Besides shaping a hipster-look, we also paid great attention to making the visuals as intuitive and storytelling as possible, so that they cleverly illustrated the features being represented.

In our client’s words, the illustrations we ended up with are really smart, and we hit the nail on the head with the style as well, which is definitely good news. The work on the website is still in progress, not all of the illustrations are live yet. Stay tuned to see more! And share your feedback, I'm always happy to hear from you!

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