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So I take it most of you folks know The Favorite Website Awards right? How they used to kick major booty back in the days right? I guess they still kinda do seeing as I go there sooooometimes. Am I allowed to say "back in the day" when I'm referring to about 5 years ago? Anyway, you know how they have this Awesome wallpaper submission section right? Also how they have this fantastic Don't call us, we may never call you policy for all submissions right?

Right, as I'm learning 3D I thought it would be good practice to try create a wallpaper submission for their site, obviously using their logo since that's one of the requirements. I have to state that this was NOT for that. So please don't ask me Y I NO SEA UR DEEZYN IN DE GALLARY...
...Alright maybe it was and it didn't get chosen. Shut up!

My reason for sharing it so that I can get feedback on what to improve on since I'm still learning. This was modeled and lit in Cinema 4D, the scene has no lights just two planes using global illumination. One plane at the top and one in the front. Both are luminescent objects and you can kinda pick up on the top one in the reflections. This scene was also a bit of a bitch to render. I did so at a crazy resolution though.

There's this high-res version attached.

Beedfack ppruch ameciated.

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