Mozilla Labs Website – Header Illustration

Mozilla Labs is a unique web platform with all recent innovative projects and experiments by Mozilla team. We were lucky to help the team with web design and front-end development of their website. As a part of the design process, we developed an illustration style which became a foundation for the new Firefox illustration guidelines.

We believe that a header illustration is one of the most important pieces of art on any website that helps to support the narrative and reflect the visual brand identity. Of course, a smart 404-page illustration or icons for product features are important for the brand recognition as well, but you don't have a second chance to make the first impression.

The task was to tell a story of high-tech science laboratory yet keep it friendly. We were inspired by microchip structure and the color, sci-fi stuff (such as interfaces from IronMan), molecule structure, etc. What was your first impression, guys? Do you think we accomplished the task?


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