Wladislav Glad

Hey! ・ Product Positioning

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Hey! is a real-time, location-based mobile app that helps users to discover and meet people around them.

Next step after user research is often the product positioning. Research gave us a lot of insights about the problems, products, and user behaviors. So, at this step, we are able to define the direction for our product and future design. Best way to do so is by asking and answering some basic questions.

What is the problem that you want to solve?
How do you think you will solve that problem?
Who do you think are your users?

Problem definition is also very important. Only by understanding the problems and issues that users currently have we will be able to make something that will change the situation.

The purpose of this project was to understand why people spend a lot of their time online and try to create a tool that will bring people to offline interaction and communication based on their location and time. The development and expansion of mobile technologies are making all of us greatly dependent on social media and apps to the level that we forget the basic joy of offline communication. The idea of this app is to be a simple and easy tool that will help you meet people fast.

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