Logo Design | Local Hamburger Place 🍔

Created a logo for a hamburger joint in The Hague. The goal was to create a logo that gives a luxurious feel while still containing modern elements. One of the details was to add a city in the reflection inside the letters.

In my opinion creating a logo for a client is always about working together. By all means, there would be a few things I would have tackled differently, but in the end it is the client that is going to use the logo (and the one paying for it). All you can do as a designer is advise or discourage about some elements and choices.

Finally, I’m not solely creating a logo for the client. Mostly it includes some kind of branding as well. The selection of colours, font types and lay-out is decisive for the rest of the branding when it comes to the lay-out of the restaurant and future marketing.

Suggestions, tips and comments are always welcome. If you like it, ...ehh like it!

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