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TransJogja App Concept

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Holla, this is my first shot for @Pixelz Studio. Thanks a lot to mas @Rian Darma and mas @Zazuly Aziz for guiding through whole process and thanks to mas @Sulton hand for inviting me to this community

TransJogja is being one of public transportation
with low cost provided by D.I Yogyakarta Government.
Have you try it?
It's quite fun but sometimes, it become a stressful
ride when you're forgetting about bus number, transit and no money change for your bill

Having ride with public transportation especially
TransJogja should be fun and convinience. We tried
to solve this problem through an apps

Here's key points for the app:
- easily finding route, speding less time in searching
- comparing and choosing bus you need
- cashless, just tap and let's ride


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