Ivan Kukovec

logo design - Čakovec

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Čakovec is a city in northern Croatia, located around 90 km (56 miles) north of Zagreb, the Croatian capital. Although Čakovec is a small city by global parameters, its large working force which comes from all over the county, its location and importance in the region caused many traffic jams on the crossroads. The economy of the city is based on textile, footwear, and metal plants. This logo concept is intended for such companies. The logo is clean and orderly and incorporates the first letter of the town quite cleverly. The top mark also acts as a checkmark to give the viewer a sense of reliability and confidence. The strong blue color adopts the blooming economy that is in Čakovec, along with the black to establish professionalism.


The mission was to make a logo that is easily recognizable. The simplicity and straight corners of the “Č” shape give the brand a strong sense of reliability and expertise. The logo further backs up the bold name of the brand to create a sense of pride and confidence.

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