Ivan Kukovec

logo design - Natural monster

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Natural Monster is the brand name of a young and ambitious bodybuilder and online fitness trainer from Čakovec, Croatia. Vedran Glavina takes pride in his body and hard work that has lead him to his current undertaking of becoming a online fitness coach. When he was 15 years old he became the state powerlifting champion in Virovitica, and set a record in that category. So that needed to reflect in the logo : Pride and hard work.


The logo had to own up to the reputation of the client. In consequence of that, this logo was designed. A lion is know to be the most prideful animal in the animal kingdom so it was only logical to incorporate it in the logo. The dumbell weight in it's mouth represents the intensity of the brand and makes for a sick combo with the lion's head. A slick and professional monogram was also added with the logo.

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