Guide café owners towards an environment-friendly business.

Thanks @Alexander Spoor for the Dribbble invite. 🌶️🔥
For a while I've been thinking about what to post for my Debut on Dribbble. I decided to go with an informative visual of a project I just finished.

About this design:
The original is vertical and was printed on A1 to showcase what it was about: an application that guides café owners-based in The Hague-towards an environment-friendly business.
It focuses on making café owners aware of the product(s) they sell, their behaviour and possible improvements. Based on the questions (and the answers), they are graded and personalised feedback is provided.

Because of the size, this visual might not be perfect for Dribbble, but hey. 🤷‍♂️

Have a nice day all! 👋

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