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Made a little update on my hand icon (or personal mark? I still can't make up my mind). I use it on my website as favicon. Also, I’ve updated my website. You can check it here: zellene.com. 😄

A short story behind this hand:

Sometime last year, I decided to try to embrace my quirk: my extremely, overactive sweat glands, especially on my hands. It’s an inherited trait, but mine’s the worst among those who have it in the family.

I always thought this prevented me from doing my work properly because it gets so drippy and uncomfortable and it somehow affected my mental state.

But now, I’m learning to accept it and see this quirkiness in another light. I can do good work, do things I love because I can. Sure, I still get uncomfy and I still have to carry extra hankies all the time but it’s alright. It’s a part of me. 👌

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