Desktop notifications wireframing

Hi. Despite being a Dribbble member since 2014, I've always been extremely hesitant to post any work here — mostly because of the peer pressure of popular accounts setting such a high quality bar. I think every designer knows this feeling: when you look back at a recent project and find it lacking the level of perfection you'd want it to have. This usually happens due to the real world constraints like dev requirements, meeting specific business goals, and following strict deadlines. The final product rarely looks exactly like you've envisioned, and it makes you shy about posting it online. Hopefully, I'll be able to finally overcome that everlasting barrier.

This year I'll start sharing some of our non-NDA in-house projects. So, to kick things off, here's a shot of the quick brick and mortar wireframing: notifications alerting user about the detected tracking attempt.

High res:

I absolutely love drawing sketches on paper first, rather than going straight for the digital design, because it makes you think twice before striking a new line. Also, it really helps to visualize the general layout of the concept at hand and explore different options, while it could be appealing to delve deep into the finer details, when starting in Sketch.

Let me know if you like working on paper first too! I'll be sharing more wireframes and how they eventually come to life — subscribe if you're interested in that kind of content.

Posted on Jan 28, 2019

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