Clinirex Checker - Coming Soon

Hi Guys,
So last summer I quit my job to work as a full-time freelance product designer. It was a little hard for me in the beginning as things were very new. Long story short I worked for about 3+ months in Vijayawada (a small city in Andhra Pradesh).

The overall experience was very good and I got to learn a lot of new things especially about the user behaviours and expectations.

This was one of the products that I'd designed. It's called CliniRex Checker. Here the people(medical students & faculty) will be able to see Drug Interaction, Disease Interaction and much more.

I'm going to post the live version soon. Stay in touch.

You can follow me here and in other social networks as well. Peace ✌️

Vikas Raj Yadav
Engineer by Education | Designer by Choice

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