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Fill up Tiny Bits of Bored Time During the Day

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Fill up Tiny Bits of Bored Time During the Day debutshot adobexd aftereffects interaction ui

Hi there,

This is a mobile UI for a UX problem statement which read: Fill small amounts of “bored” time in your day with something interesting.

About the Approach
I experimented with a voice driven interaction similar to SIRI which would listen and convert your speech to text. This would inform the app which time to remind the user to engage in the activity they have selected.

Tools Used
- Adobe XD was used for the UI implementation and assets were exported to After Effects for motion interaction using the inbuilt Export to After Effects tool in XD.
- Gifgun was used to create the GIF in After Effects.

Helpful Tip
- Parenting is a huge time saver when it comes to reducing the animation key frames you'd use to make an animation possible. It eased the process of animating the 2nd screen which has the options a person can select and revealing the additional ones as well.

Feedback on how to improve this solution is highly appreciated.

Thanks for the Dribbble invite Mr. @huntgather. (Chris Richardson)

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