Pictos Outlines

Screeny shot jun 4  2012 9.10.17 pm

Pretty much done with the all new Pictos Outlines!!!
They are made up of hand selected icons front he existing pictos sets, including the soon to be released Pictos 4 set :) There are also a few originals in the Outlines set.
Each icon has been "re-mastered" to work well as an outlined icon. Meaning I have re-worked the shapes a bunch to give them this look/feel.. a lot more than just applying a stroke to the glyph.
But they are the Pictos icons, so the original feel/style of Pictos shines through :)
Pictos 4 will launch along side of this set.. hopefully this week :) .. might announce them at Valio Con.. if i can get em' done in time!

Oh, and this is a screen snap from illustrator.. and i haven't merged all the shapes together yet.. so edges might look a little blurry still.


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