Dina Rodriguez

Pass Joints Not Judgement

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Pass joints not judgment, whether you smoke weed or not.

I always think it's weird when I meet someone new and feel like I still have to tiptoe around the subject of weed. You never know if they are a fellow smoker or the kind of person who gags at the slightest sign of smoke.

I can't help but think, "are they going to judge me for smoking and just assume I'm a stoner stereotype?" Could this affect our friendship long term? Am I just to only be friends with other smokers? Is this my life now?

I have this fear because it's happened before. Even now when it's getting legalized more and more. So if you don't smoke, that's your choice and I respect it. If I pass you the joint, just pass it to the next person without judgment. Before you know it, weed will be everywhere so we might as well nip this cannabis stigma right in the butt sooner rather than later.

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