Vlad Solomakha

Do Not Disturb Slim Notification

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2019, and dribbble iOS app still doesn’t support a video playback in shots, uuughhhh... but nevermind... Here is my another quick idea.

I understand that "Do Not Disturb" mode was primarily made for drivers and related to on-road flows and scenarios. And it perfectly works for that – only important notification will pass and play it's sound when you commuting with your screen turned off.

But in my case, I often turn it on while doing some tasks that require focus outside the driver's seat. And in the mobile age you know, it happens, that some of them happen on the phone with the screen turned on. And in that moments I don't want to be disturbed by another fullscreen notification from social, messaging or other apps.

So I thought about some compact view of notification that may drive less attention but still inform about notification and the app it's coming from.

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