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The first aim of the YUCO App is to promote the Yunlin county region, farming, eco-lifestyle, fruits. The second aim is to sell tours to Yunlin county for local and foreign tourists. The third aim is to attract people to use products produced in this region.

The introduction of the agriculture world of Yunlin county through the YUCO App. There are four main parts.

The first one is about a blog part. It includes general distribution, pieces differences, the way of growing, personal page for some types of the famous there vegetables, fruits, and others plants (texts about the healthy benefits of products produced in Yunlin county such as sesame oil, sweet potato, rice, garlic, peanuts, etc).

The second one is about a tours part. It includes the brief tour information such as the type of transport, time, cost and etc. The next step is to book the tour after choosing the date of the tour, the user can pay by Visa or Paypal. In the end, the user can see the confirmation of booking and check the details.

The third part is a users profile and contacts. It includes the list of other users profiles and information about them. Users can communicate through the simple messenger.

The fourth part is a “one-day fact” part. It includes the one page with the interesting fact about health or Yunlin county. Users can share it in their social networks to demonstrate it to their friends. Also, it works for promoting the YUCO App through social nets.

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