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Eleven mighty women,
Ten cups of coffee,
Nine window boxes,
Eight bowls of ramen,
Seven boats a-sailing,
Six clocks a-ticking,
Four swimming frogs,
Three fat pugs,
Two rock lobsters,
And a quail in a small hedge.
So I was on Instagram browsing people's work, and I came across something that really irritated me. It was a wordmark of the word "Women" and the W was a pair of tits and the M was an ass, complete with a little dot in the middle. For so long, women have been used in marketing and advertising as sex objects, and seeing the word reduced down to that infuriated me. So I decided my next stamp would be some of the many faces of women. Should have definitely thought out how I was going to fit so many people in a small rectangle, but we did it. I try to generally keep it pretty even keeled when browsing the internets, but that really annoyed the living hell out of me, so I figured I'd fight back with my own piece. Whatever art you put out into the world, make sure it's good stuff.

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