Shahruk Ahmed

A short-distance vehicle popularly known as " leguna "

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A short-distance vehicle popularly known as leguna. "Lagunas" are basically D.I.Y. versions of public buses. They are pick-up trucks with benches and roofs installed over the back. They are on set routes already, so people jump on and off of it as it moves down the street. Still several Lagunas are seen running on routes such as 60 fit to Farmgate, Mohammadpur to Mohakhali, Mirpur 10 to Gabtoli and others throughout the day from September 5 onwards. Legunas have been seen on Dhaka streets transporting passengers using alleyways and alternative routes. Many of them doing so secretively and some popping up on stoppages suddenly. Passengers are rushing towards the few remaining legunas whenever they get the chance, some passengers have been seen hanging from the back of legunas for not getting a seat inside.

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