🤘 Howdie!

Today I'm sharing with you a concept that we came up with last December in a 1-week sprint to determine new features that could enhance the customer experience in one of our existing projects.

We came up with a variety of concepts to make features in the mobile app more accessible, given the complexity of the existing navigation architecture. That's when the idea for a Quick Access feature was born – it's situated in the Home screen and part of what the user sees first upon entering the app. It allows them to access other features (categories, lists, the map, etc.) from within the search, add the term entered to the shopping list and eventually also search the actual product assortment.

👉 What do you think about this approach? How do you deal with complex navigation architectures, especially in mobile apps on iPhone and iPad?

I'd love to learn about your ideas and best practices!

Shoutout to the amazing @Markus Gavrilov for the love he put into the details of this animation!

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