Character Sprite Giveaway (Freebie)


Iam currently working on the Character Animations for “Cube” and i started to ask myself what will happen to all the stuff that i did in the last months if the game would never been finished/released? And sad but true, at the moment i think this will be forever a concept cause its very hard to find a Unity/Stage3D Programmer who won’t earn 10.000.000 $ a day for his work.

So i have to do everything by myself and based on my limited brain capacity and IQ iam not doing any process. So, stop whining around and give us the special stuff that you have promised!

I decided to give you all the Animation Sprites for free. Do whatever you want with it. Play around, make a cool Game or whatever you want. Even if its a Commercial Product.
No Copyright rules. Just the “Don’t be a dick” License.
That means: Show me what you did, Credit me (with my Dribbble Page), don’t sell this as your own!

Sprites as .png: something around 19.000 single Images. 53 different Animations in 10° Steps ->

C4D Source: Cinema 4d R13 Project Files with all 53 Animation ->

Flash Project: 53 Flash-Files. every Direction is put together in 1 Movieclip so you got 35 Movieclips in each .fla File -

if you want so see the Sprites live: visit my blogpost:

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