100 Best Icon Sets of the Year 2018!

Let me present to you — Best Icons of the Year 2018! 🚀 💯

It’s so crazy that it’s already the 3rd year in a row when I’m sharing collections of the best icons every single month. And I’m not planning to stop! As we just wrapped up 2018, I’m excited to present to you – Best icons of the year 2018!

I’ve noticed that a lot of people who made it into the previous collections share this achievement on their websites, blogs, social media (I’m really humbled and happy to see this!). To show my gratitude, this year I’ve made a small badge for you! So if you find your works in this list, you can proudly put this badge on your blog or wherever you like! The design’s based on NASA’s uniform patches (with a little retro touch). Check out the link to download it.


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