Bible Wrasslers


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  1. Jake Page Jake Page

    More VBS character artwork: Jonathan - the tag team partner, King Saul - the reigning champ, and Samuel - the ref (complete with big beard and whistle).

    Please note Saul's knobby knees - I'm most proud of them.


    almost 2 years ago

  2. eric king II eric king II

    you're right the knees are pretty rad LOL

    almost 2 years ago

  3. Rogie King Rogie King

    @Jake Page love it, especially dude on the right. Epic beard and love the that staff.

    almost 2 years ago

  4. Zach Hink Zach Hink

    Wow man, this is fantastic work. Love your character style.

    almost 2 years ago

  5. Sam Valentino Sam Valentino

    Samuel seems a particularly good choice as a ref, although he's not known for being partial to King Saul.

    almost 2 years ago

  6. Dianna Cheng Dianna Cheng

    Awesome! Especially the knobby knees. :D

    almost 2 years ago

  7. Jeremy Lindstrom Jeremy Lindstrom


    almost 2 years ago

  8. Adam Whitcroft Adam Whitcroft

    Dude, I love your work. The guy on the right is a winner, hands down!

    almost 2 years ago

  9. Jake Page Jake Page

    thanks for the feedback! :)

    almost 2 years ago

  10. Dennis Salvatier Dennis Salvatier

    Nice work. Found you by accident.

    almost 2 years ago

  11. Jake Page Jake Page

    Ha! Thanks, and I'm glad ya did! :)

    almost 2 years ago

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