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A fellow designer challenged me to a 15-day design challenge. For today's prompt we needed to create 5 personal icons. I decided to go over 5 because I wanted to make separate icons for each of my dogs. I also wanted to make icons that symbolized things that are important to me.

1- I have a moon tattoo on my ankle. It’s a sister tattoo- my sister has a sun. She was born during the day, I was born at night. We are polar opposites, but she is my best friend.

2- I have been taking photos since I was a child (there’s video footage of me trying to take photos as a toddler). I have a strong love for photography.

3- My childhood dog, Gracie. She will always be my baby girl. She makes me excited to come home from work/school each day!

4- The puppy of the family, Milo. He’s an attention-hog and I love his cuddles. He’s also super weird and I love him for it.

5- My major, my profession, my life, Graphic Design.

6- My first tattoo. I got this tattoo on my back when I was freshly 18, right before I went off to college. From murky, muddy waters, the beautiful lotus flower blooms. The lotus flower can symbolize new beginnings, enlightenment and self-awareness.

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