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T.U.S. 1/10

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T.U.S. 1/10


For the majority of 2018 I’ve been developing a visual identity system along with some key art for a mental and physical wellness brand - The Upward Spiral.

To fully immerse myself into the project this was an introspective exploration into the duality of human perception and our transformative power of positive realization.
I sourced inspiration by researching the ancient science of alchemical healing, a persons’ inherent carnal strength and the infinity of paraphysical mysteries that transcend our ideals of the combined universe of art and medicine.

The Caduceus logo design was inspired by the symbol of life which was created to represent the nursing sect in the army corps circa 1901. Since then it’s been ‘mistakenly’ used as a generalized symbol of medicine not only in America but many other countries as well. Historically speaking the intertwined twin serpents often denoted a message of truth and virtue containing both tragic and triumphant pieces of information.

Sic Superius Sic Inferius
TUS_1/10 1.9.19🌷

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