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Promo Website for Maslo AI, a Digital Companion

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Hello guys!

What would you say if there was a Siri for self-care? What if there was a personalized AI technology that could help you become a better version of yourself? Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Well then, we’ve got some awesome news for you :). Such a technology already exists! Welcome Maslo AI:

Created by ex-Googlers Ross Ingram and Cristina Poindexter, the technology serves as a digital companion that can help you focus on important things in your life. Maslo is basically a voice journal with personality and smarts, and it is designed to help users overcome technology’s uncanny valley and develop a more healthy relationship with the ubiquitous electronic assistant that ‘lives’ in our pockets.

When Ross and Cristina reached out, telling us about their project and suggesting to collaborate, we adored the awesome idea so much that we simply couldn’t say no; so we got down to business.

Our task was to create a website which presents the futuristic technology to the world, finding the right design approach to communicate its key features and benefits, as well as its revolutionary nature.

Pastel blue and purple colors are meant to create the calm and reassuring atmosphere, invoking some associations with technology at the same time. We tried to personify the AI by making it look flowing and interactive, like a living organism. The main idea of the design was to create the sensation of companionship - the feeling of friendly presence that ultimately will develop into true friendship, and maybe even into somebody you might want to date in 25 years. Right now it’s an inquisitive child, it learns from the user by asking questions, eventually helping it develop into an adult and each user’s buddy. In turn, the user will develop their own knowledge and realize their potential.

We ended up with an energetic and vibrant website that showcases the game-changing AI technology to the world. Today’s technologies can do so much more than capture our attention, they should help us grow into better people. We’re happy to be a part of this journey.

What are your thoughts on that? Share your feedback! Eager to hear from you!

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