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Hey everybody!
We heartily congratulate you all on the New Year 2019! And we wish everyone to reach a new professional level this year. Remember, the main thing is not the number of completed projects, or even the amount of money earned. The main thing is the skills that you acquire with each new project. What is your approach to work. Always the main thing is quality. If the quality of your work grows, then you are on the right track. So you grow as a professional. Money - will disappear. But portfolio will remain. Do not chase deadlines, do it conscientiously. Do for yourself to look at your work and be proud of what you have done.
We collected a small project on behance, in which we combined some works made in 2018.
We would appreciate if you rate:

In general, it is very useful to collect annual labor into one. And then compare with the previous year. Immediately you can see how you advanced, and how productive was the year)

All good and productivity :)

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