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This is a concept app I designed out of my boredom during the holidays.

1. Dashboard
The page is laid out to provide an overview of your energy consumption. The cards represent a variety of energy consuming appliances/equipment.

The graph below summarizes the energy consumption based on the selected filter placed in the bottom.

2. Lights
On the top right, the (+) CTA allowing users to add a new section. The graph displays live energy consumption metrics and based on calculating the number of lights on and energy consumption presents with the hourly consumption costs.

Each card displays overview information about each section starting from the Title of the section, relevant icon, # on total lights & # of lights currently on.

3. Living Room
On the top right settings, where you can add, edit & remove # of lights in the living room.

A big and bold display of # of total lights and # of lights on with a realistic representation of a light bulb, which is interactive. A user can tap on the light bulb to switch off all the lights in the living room.

Cards represent each individual light. The power on/off button on the left turns on the light on/of. The green color on power on/off button represents that the respective light is on.

By tapping on the card you can expand to set Hue for a particular light and set the mood.

3 dots on right house more actions for each light, like checking out the usage and details of the light, edit or remove the current light from this section.

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