Vending machine lovin’ β€’ Japan 2018

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Vending machine lovin’ β€’ Japan 2018 vending machine girl cute japanese food shiba animals lighting illustrator color progress icons wip japan design simple inspiration character vector illustration

Firstly, it's been a while, well I'm not dead, just lazy with posting on here and as the youths say, living my best life. Here are some illustrations that I've recently cleaned up and happy to share with y'all.

So, I have a deep love and appreciation for Japan. In a span of 6 months I had the opportunity to visit twice, and quite honestly I call it my second home. My child hood was watching anime, obsessing over Japanese food and wanting to be consumed by the onsen life. My work desk is covered in Smiski’s, Studio Ghibli art books and bottles of Japanese whiskey. These illustrations are some of the drawings I got up to during my recent trip.

Despite 7/11 and Family Marts having more of an array of options, the novelty of vending machines is my go-to for drinks. It was my personal mission to try as many coffee drinks from them, even if I’m not thirsty. My favorite would be the Boss Cafe Late, it’s both delicious and refreshing.


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