help scout pins — 01 cutie cat

I designed these pins for the @Help Scout team last year and they just arrived in my mailbox this weekend!

when it comes to receiving company swag, I always end up discarding or donating the free t-shirts, pens, etc that just have a start-up's logo slapped on them and nothing else. I appreciate the free items but in the spirit of Marie Kondo ^_^, company freebies doesn't spark joy in my life.

so my current approach is to make something that adds delight to the end recipient's day in some way, something that sparks joy! I don't want to add to the mountain of company swag stuff out there, while also balancing the fact that one of the purposes of swag is to brand and advertise a company :) in this case, a cute kitty and many more pins that are hopefully delightful on their own as pins. thanks to Linda and team for the trust and for letting me push the cute agenda here!

for designers and illustrators out there who make company swag, I'm curious what your approach to this balance is?


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