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"The crowded train suddenly grew quiet. The girl at the back, near the rear door, was taking her coat off, and she had nothing but some kind of golden swimsuit on. It was dazzling.
My mom taught me that word, when I was five. She said that angels were always dazzling, and that girl...
I thought she must be an angel. Her hair was almost the same color as her swimsuit. Her skin was pearly white, and she had no shoes on.
The whole place was holding their breath. She looked up, shining blue eyes and all. Smiled.
And started dancing.
People squeezed together and made way somehow for her to move, we were all amazed. And she never stumbled, not once. The old woman beside me gasped and said 'Bless you, honey'.
For a time, every one of us had a piece of heaven right in that wagon. So you see, daddy's not lying. Your mom IS an angel, sweetheart, and she'll watch over you, always."
(c) Javier Liendo Rey

Yehor Kaliuzhnyi
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