Happy New Year! It's been too long since I published anything here. Fortunately, it's because since releasing lastest reel I was busy with work!

2018 was a very intense year. It started pretty rough for me - I hadn't much work last winter and I had an outdated portfolio. On the other hand, I was in the middle of Design Bootcamp by School of Motion. In the end, it has broadened my set of skills to the point where I started receiving also design work. From that point, I was focused on filling the portfolio with personal work. Once it was done, things started to happen. I had the opportunity to work on amazing projects with my favourite studios. All this helped me freelance when I moved to Madrid, where my girlfriend Anna started working on the Klaus movie.

What now? For the next few months, I'll keep freelancing. Then I want to look for a full-time position. It's a 4th year of working on my own and while I appreciate the freedom, I also long for working with other people. I hope it will be possible.

Good luck and all the best to everyone in 2019!

Posted on Jan 3, 2019

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