Internal Employee Tool - Search to home interaction

First of all, happy new year to everyone 🎉🎇

Note: if you’re using the official Dribbble iOS app you won’t see the video, make sure you view it in Safari!

Some interaction work part of a huge project which will be releasing soon. You can see the big search bar move to the top right on a scroll, or you could basically just click on the cards at the bottom.

Will be sharing a lot more soon once this product is released, it's currently in development.

Note: This is going to be a white label product, so if a company is using this tool internal the logo of that company will be shown. (Google logo used as a placeholder and it looks nice lol)

Also will share a lot more process of this and many more projects on

Let's work together!

Kubilay Sapayer
UI / UX Designer, Illustrator from The Netherlands

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