Dribbble On Dialoggs

Dribbble on dialoggs

I've been using Dialog.gs for the past few days now and it's such a nice change to what there is out there just now. Thanks to Drew Wilson for pulling something so sleek to the world.
Since joining Dialog.gs, I have set up 2 Dialog.gs. One is the Dribbble Court, here users can post up anythign Dribbble related. The second is the Dribbble Invites, here users can post up links on offerign up invites or uisers can beg for mercy for the chance to be drafted to the big league.
Drew is really onto something with Dialog.gs and im glad to be one of the few that's been allowed access to it so far.
For those with access Check out
Dribbble Court
Dribbble Invites
@Mynameisdonald - Dialog.gs


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