The big bang

Dropbox playoff

Hi, this is my entry for the playoff, first time i enter an official one.
It is based on a big bang concept, meaning that after dropbox everything was dark and that all of the content in the universe can be stored on your dropbox. Well something like that i hope my english makes sense. Keep reading.

Now that you started reading you can't go back or you'll end up being raped in jail by Pedrito el chico.

Back in 2007 a super easy to use tool to keep everything synced was born, before that, all was saved in floppy discs being a nightmare to carry super heavy stuff from one computer to another, the story says that once a guy named Jhon was murdered in his bath by an angry client that didn't get the final source files at time; he was found with arround 100 Floppy discs inserted in his body and private parts, police officers couldn't find any trace of the killer, they said he erased all the data. Has been said that he is now in jail and they call it Pedrito "el chico" and searchs arround the web for innocent workers that doesn't use dropbox storage to rape them and kill them slowly with compact discs and usb sticks. So it's your choice to use dropbox but remember, if you don't, make sure you're using lube when Pedrito knocks your door.

Kindly press your "L" key and the love of your life will have sex with you tomorrow at midnight or you know what it'll happen if you don't.

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