Footprint: Environmental gamification app

Concept for app called Footprint.

It's focused on tracking your environmental impact in your everyday life and connecting it to achievements, competition with your friends and rewards. In other words, it's meant to use gamification to make sustainable living more fun and rewarding.

Some examples of functionality:
Rewarding the user. Ability to earn badges, achievements and awards based on your actions that affect the environment.

Automatic tracking. The actions are mainly self-reported by the user but with the added ability of connecting your email where receipts, tickets etc. could be translated automatically into actions within the app.

Sponsorships and affiliates. Work together with companies willing to reward customers who live sustainable with exclusive discounts and awards. These would be used and located within the apps map view.

Friend leaderboards. The ability of competing with and against your friends towards common goals that are updated continuously.

Made in Invision Studio and Photoshop. All suggestions for improvements and new functionality are welcomed!

Posted on Dec 27, 2018
Gustaf Halvardsson
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