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New Medium Article: A Space of Trust

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Hey there,

Do you ever wonder how important relationships between humans are? Research shows that people who do meaningful things and have deep and meaningful relationships actually live longer, happier lives. In modern world filled with fake values, it’s very easy to lose touch with what’s real, what’s inside of each of us. With the Universe. When we lose touch with ourselves, we lose touch with others (cause we’re all one, you know).

We often engage in “work” relationships with people, where we forget we’re dealing with PEOPLE and not machines. And in this space that we create between us when we collaborate, it is of utmost importance to have trust. Where there is trust - there is love. And love creates only great things.

We’re happy to present our new article where we share information on how trust from our client resulted in a project that we’re most proud of.

Let us know what you think and don’t hesitate to ask questions - we are here to share!

Peace and love!

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