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BrickLayer - Visual Layout Builder User Interface

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BrickLayer - Visual Layout Builder User Interface wordpress layout interface ui ajax layout builder responsive drag and drop

Here's a shot of the user interface for BrickLayer, the visual layout constructor I developed for my WordPress themes.

The basic idea is that you add blocks of content called "Bricks" into your layout, to create custom layouts for your WordPress Pages. There are Bricks for sliders, portfolios, sidebars, etc. Bricks are added via a drag-and-drop interface, and the UI is AJAX-driven. The layouts are built on a responsive grid.

Here's a view of the full screen interface.

Here's a video of BrickLayer in action.

And here's the result: a custom home page layout built with BrickLayer in the Agility Responsive WordPress theme.

I'm very pleased with the way it came out, and I think it gives users a lot more flexibility, especially for those who aren't comfortable playing with code :)

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