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Best of 2018 - Spotify Playlist Cover Art

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To celebrate this momentous ocassion, the passing of many Moons, travels across many miles, I’ve made a “Best of 2018" artwork for my playlist on Spotify and for once didn’t rush it that much.

2018 was a very eventful year and, in all accounts, quite “rad,’ both for my personal and professional life. So, thank you to everyone who helped make it so “rad!” I love you all.

If you’re interested in listening

Shoot me a DM on Twitter @mistermantas

If you wanna know the meaning

1. All the photos were taken during times throughout this year. They’re about family, confidence, friendship, and an inner passion for the person who I actually am.

2. The egg-shaped circle is dedicated to my best friend Eglė with whom I couldn’t imagine life without anymore. Her nickname is Eggy, so… y’know, it’s a bunch of eggs getting bigger and stronger (the transparency decreases by 10% at every step; from 25% to 75%).

3. The symbols and “Thank You” are pretty obvious, but it’s yet another way of how I’ve tried to further develop my taste & identity.

I can imagine beautiful things in my head, but if I can’t make them in real life, on your screen, it’s only a figment of my imagination.

All those drawings were done using my $10 wireless Tecknet mouse from Amazon with Figma… so you can do it. Literally, you just need a good hand. ;)

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