The Elf on the Shelf -- A Middle Earth Tradition

It's time to elve-vate your holiday traditions with a little help from the original Elf on the Shelf, Legolas 🧝🏻‍♂️. Learn how this Middle Earth tradition has evolved through the ages to steal the hearts of men, dwarves, orcs, and elves alike.

"Some things that should not have been forgotten were lost. History became legend. Legend became myth. And for two and a half thousand years, the Elf on the Shelf passed out of all knowledge. That is until now!" - Lady Galadriel

This limited edition Elf on the Shelf was recovered in the dense and heavy woodlands of Mirkwood and is said to have belonged to Thranduil himself during the Last Alliance of Elves and Men.

Remember, the eye of Santa is always watching! So if you've been extra naughty this year, this elf's could save your life this holiday season. After all, he says that Santa breathes so loud he could shoot him in the dark. #MockTheHalls

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