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Today we will share with you another part of Lustery project. This is the result of the redesign of the Lustery Hub. The main purpose of the hub is to allow users to upload their own videos to the site and get paid 💰

We also want to discuss the importance of design. In the course of our activity, this question often arises - Why the beautiful picture, compliance with trends and rules is needed if there are many examples of how a project looks bad and old-fashioned, but at the same time, it is actively developing and making a profit. It seems that the most important business task is solved. And you can just focus on the rational benefits of the product. However, we have come to a fairly accurate conclusion. If you choose between products that simultaneously enter the market, with a slight difference in rational benefits, a product with a more attractive face will not leave any chances. Of course, many more facts have values, but we gave an example of how all the indicators except for design are about the same level. What do you think about the importance of design?

We are waiting for your comments and wish you a good weekend 💐

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