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Meet the business edition of a Material design system for desktop apps hi-fi prototyping. Fits both web or downloadable applications. Contains most frequent to use UX patterns and UI elements with clicked and onhovered statements provided. Hundreds of production-ready perfectly crafted responsive design components at your service.

So, what's interesting in this upcoming UI component sets:

Text fields
A variety of different sizes available to craft clear and usable data collect patterns. Some of the inputs are material classics. Some of it equipped with the icon to increase the meaning. Some of them are scaled down properly to fit desktop grid requirements. And what's the most interesting here - all provided styles is a single whole instance.

Simple and ordinary UI items. Served within a few styles according to specifications of your layout: Outlined, Elevated, Smooth, Highlighted and Dashed. Just pick the most proper for your case, declare as an additional component or copy-paste as the existing instance directly onto your layout.

Modals & Popovers
This section consists of the blocks for modals, dialogs, confirmations, notifications, alerts and etc. Guided with additional colored instances to deliver a specific message to the end user. Popovers could be used as context menus, or as a dropdown pattern. Use dark version for white surfaces as more impactful interaction.

Table components to create any flexible data grid are provided in several dimensions: 24dp, 40dp, 48dp and 64dp depending on a layout resolution, project type and devices. Endless scalability is supported by Figma multicomponent approach. Moreover, it comes filled with sample content: Database, Statistics, Cryptotrading, and Colored table. Highlighted state when sorting function is activated is here as well.

More interesting is about to come very soon...

Right now you can use the Lite version for free for your Figma projects: https://setproduct.com/desktop

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